Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hanna Movie - Hanna trailer 2011

Hanna Movie - Hanna trailer 2011

Hanna is a 14 year old teenager who does not have many things in common with any other girl, because she was subjected to her father by Erik Heller, a former CIA agent, a spartan lifestyle, full of privations In order to be transformed into a perfect murder. Raised in a wild region of Finland and trained every day like a soldier to gain reaction speed, agility, strength and courage of a professional killer, Hanna is sent by his father in a secret mission in Europe, needing all that intelligence and skill and he has mastered over years of draconian training to avoid being captured by CIA agents put her footsteps by Marissa Wiegler. When interacting with a French family with a girl of her age, Hanna begins to understand the meaning of the word home and watch the things he missed because he had not enjoyed a normal childhood and adolescence, when the who has a revelation about its existence and puts them questions about the human side.

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