Thursday, March 10, 2011

How do I make an online TV station?

Did you ever think you do your own online TV station, but never feels because you did not cost very much money? In this case, after you read this little tutorial you'll realize that it is quite easy to create a personal Internet TV station.

TVU networks is a free live TV service offers global opportunity. This software allows you to see a lot of online programs on a computer with Windows installed and an Internet connection very good.

TVUBroadcast allows you to create multiple-channel and wanted to publish content directly or pre-recorded programs. For this you need to create an account TVU networks. After you have created your account you can download TVUBrodcast on your PC and install it.

TVUBroadcast Features:

1. Built-in Encoder
2. File-list for specifying and managing files
3. Monitoring real-time channel viewers
4. Insert ads
5. An easy to use user interface

Download v2.5.1 for Windows TVUBroadcast

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