Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Mechanic Movie 2011 - The Mechanic Trailer

Remake of the movie with the same title in 1972, "The Mechanic" has in the center of action on a professional assassin Arthur Bishop and his disciple Steve McKenna. Bishop Arthur always worked alone, with a thoroughness, ingenuity and efficiency which made ​​him famous criminals pay branch, carefully studying his victims before letting the perfect plan of attack and after any clues its identity. Operating in a world where conventional rules do not apply morality and in which any mistake can cost you life, reluctance to accept Veteran take him under his wing Steve McKenna patronizing the young and train him in the art of killing for money . Proves an ambitious apprentice skill and ferocity that you vexeaza even his mentor, so that between the two assassins is a conflict. Did Bishop Arthur wants to initiate Steve McKenna on trade secrets to someone to continue her successful career and to reward against a former victim's?

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