Friday, March 25, 2011

Sympathy for Delicious Movie 2011 - Sympathy for Delicious Movie Trailer

Sympathy for Delicious Movie Trailer

Successful DJ Dean O'Dwyer, nicknamed "Delicious D" has an accident that lefts his legs paralyzed and he needs to live his life in a wheelchair. Depressed, frustrated, cynical, angry and convinced that the world has missed a chance at a promising career in the music industry, he meets the young priest Dean Joe Roselli, who introduced him to the dubious world of healing through faith, on which occasion as a DJ your amazingly found to possess miraculous gift of healing others from various disabilities and medical conditions, from blindness to gout, but they can't use their abilities to succeed to go back on their feet. After Joe Roselli priest profits to raise some money for the church, Dean O'Dwyer decided to gain wealth and notoriety of the power of healing and joins a rock band whose leader is charismatic and narcissistic The Stain, knows Ariel as their bassist and manager Nina Lee Hogue. But to achieve true healing, Dean must first overcome his inner demons and come to terms with his new disability condition.

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