Friday, March 18, 2011

Natural makeup style makes women younger

Natural makeup

• First, you need a glowing, clean and fresh skin. The steps to realise it, there are so simple: a cross peeling ingredients, hydrating mask, and a cream that takes place mitadinage foundation. If you still need this product, choose one fluid, consistent with your skin tone
• A pair of perfectly shaped eyebrows do more than just a professional makeup, so that do not forget to shape your eyebrows. They should respect your physiognomy and that harmonize with your face
• Eye makeup, you have two options: either you choose a discreet eyeliner or indulge your eyelashes with a lengthening and curving mascara. Celebrities and alternative work out very natural false eyelashes
• For lips you can use either a clear gloss or a lipstick in a paler shade, barely noticeable or a moisturizing conditioner
• Finally, a little blush on the cheeks and makeup is done! You're beautiful, natural, bright without too much effort. It's worth trying!

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