Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Source Code, Source Code Movie Trailer, Source Code Youtube

Source Code 2011, Source Code Movie Trailer, Source Code Youtube

Captain Stevens Colter shock wakes up and finds himself in a train headed for Chicago. While all other passengers seem to know him, he has no idea where or who he is.
Colter does not remember anything about him or how he got on the train, remembers one thing, as they fly by helicopter on a mission in Iraq. Suddenly a train approaching from the opposite side, and explode a bomb that kills pasasgeri Colter and others.
Then he wakes up in an isolated room, tied to a chair, where he is informed that an operation is part of called "Beleaguered Castle. " As he gives her more information is trezzeste train again, where he awoke the first time.
Colter is to realize its mission, namely to stop the man who detonates a bomb, and try to stop it.

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